Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Team Member

Team Nelson will be adding a new member sometime around May 1st! In Timmy's words, "There's a baby in mommy's tummy!" I don't think he completely understands what that means, but he's excited about the idea. He asks me the most random things like, "Does the baby like it when I play catch with her?" and "I will teach her how I go down the slide and play 'nect four (Connect Four)."

You may have noticed he said "her" in both cases above. Timmy is convinced that he will have a baby sister. He has named her Allie, after his grandma's dog. Apparently that is his favorite name. Have mercy on us if its a boy!

To answer all the questions, I'm feeling okay. No excruciating morning sickness, just tired, generally uncomfortable and hungry. All I want is junk food! Hopefully that part doesn't last the whole nine months!

Monday, September 6, 2010


We took Timmy to Jonamac Orchards this weekend to go apple picking! He fell asleep on the way so Scott and I took ourselves on a driving tour of NIU, oh memories! He woke up when we stopped at the bookstore and had a really hard time understanding that the whole campus was our school.

Being afraid of the wind!

Apple picking was a success. Timmy told me yesterday that apples grow on trees and you have to wash them because they come from outside. The whole experience was a struggle for a few minutes while Timmy was afraid of the wind (just like Scott when he was a kid!). He got over it and had a great time.