Friday, February 5, 2010

Timmy, God and the Lion's Den

Actual conversation from this week:

Katie: "Timmy, do you remember who was in the cave with the lions?"

Timmy: "God."

Katie: "Oh, yes you're right. Do you remember who else was in there?"

Timmy: "Ummmm."

Katie: "Do you remember it was Daniel?"

Timmy: "Oh yes!"

Katie: "Do you remember who saved Daniel from the hungry lions?"

Timmy: "God!"

Katie: "Good Job! Daniel believed that God would save him and he did. Do you believe God can help you?"

Timmy: "Yes. I go MaMa, you coming?"

Katie: "Where are you going?"

Timmy: "I go with God, you coming?"

Katie: "Yes, I will come."

Sooooooo precious!