Friday, February 5, 2010

Timmy, God and the Lion's Den

Actual conversation from this week:

Katie: "Timmy, do you remember who was in the cave with the lions?"

Timmy: "God."

Katie: "Oh, yes you're right. Do you remember who else was in there?"

Timmy: "Ummmm."

Katie: "Do you remember it was Daniel?"

Timmy: "Oh yes!"

Katie: "Do you remember who saved Daniel from the hungry lions?"

Timmy: "God!"

Katie: "Good Job! Daniel believed that God would save him and he did. Do you believe God can help you?"

Timmy: "Yes. I go MaMa, you coming?"

Katie: "Where are you going?"

Timmy: "I go with God, you coming?"

Katie: "Yes, I will come."

Sooooooo precious!

3 comments: said...

That is my little man!

Nicole said...

that's totally awesome! "I go with God." let's pray he keeps saying that and meaning it throughout his life!

Anonymous said...

That was AWESOME to read!!!