Sunday, January 17, 2010

Welcome Home, Make a Baby

Helping me make muffins.

So the other day Timmy and I were at the mall in Lombard watching the kiddie train ride go around in circles (he was scared to ride it, but super excited to watch it go around and around and around...), when a really nice grandpa type guy started talking to us. He was of some Asian ethnicity and commented on Timmy's blond hair. Whoa, flashback to Shanghai, we had a rock star moment for just a second, then I remembered we were in the US. Anyway, he was a really nice guy, not creepy at all, and eventually he ended the conversation by telling me I should make some more kids just like Timmy. Weird.

It seems that since we've been home, people keep telling and/or asking us if, when and are we going to have another kid. Now even strangers are getting in on the nagging action. I guess we had Timmy at a good time in life because no one had really started bugging us about having kids yet. I have a lot of friends whose parents were dying to get grand kids that they never heard the end of the make a baby pleas. I guess I'm getting my chance now. And again I say, weird.
This is Timmy practising for a little sis.

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