Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tatoes For Breakfast

Some days I wake up at 5am to a little bug saying, "Mama, I'm awake!" as if its a beautiful miracle that there is a new day ahead. What a great reminder of the blessing that each day is. And as long as this announcement takes place after 5:30am, I am happy to hear it.

Other days I hear a number of different first words ranging from, "The sun is awake!" to "I want my yeyyow car!" Today however, was one I have never heard before. Timmy crawled into our bed at 5:15, fell back asleep until the magical hour of 7am and when he finally awoke, his first words were, "I want tatoes." hmmmm. I responded with, "You want mashed potatoes for breakfast?" Yep. That was the request.

I never thought I'd be the kind of mom that makes her kids whatever they want for meals, but we all compromise. Tim doesn't eat much for breakfast ever, and that usually leads to meltdowns before 10am. So on this day we joyfully ate mashed potatoes for breakfast. Past morning menu items have included hot dogs and carrot cake. Whatever works, I guess.

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