Thursday, June 25, 2009

One Bad China Day

So usually I try not to complain here and just share the fun, weird and interesting things in China. Today I need to vent because it was a bad China day. Then I will share some good things so as not be just be a downer....

1. Mrs. Zhang is leaving us for a month.
2. Timmy has entered terrible twos, every diaper change is a battle royal.
3. Its freaking hot and terribly humid.
4. I still can't get taxis easily, today 30 minutes to get one.
5. On the way home from a play group today Timmy got car sick, buckets of stomach acid and fruit leather pieces all over me, him, cow and the taxi. (I gave the taxi driver about $20 USD because I felt so bad for leaving a mess in his car).
6. The pool in our apartment development is still under construction, no end in sight.
7. The stitches in my gums are starting to come loose, but need to stay there for another week. Feels like junk stuck in my teeth, gross.
8. Two of the three regularly scheduled activities that Timmy and I attend are on break for the month of July.
9. Timmy took no nap today, but needed one desperately.

Okay, that's enough. Now for the good.
1. Praise God that Scott still has a job.
2. I am thankful that we are going to a city on an island called Xiamen this weekend to get away with some of Scott's coworkers and take advantage of a random day off of work that Scott has on Monday.
3. My moms and toddlers prayer and play group is NOT taking a break during July.
4. We have air conditioning.
5. Timmy is happy to be here with all his toys and friends.
6. Timmy is starting to learn Chinese, he can say Daddy, One, Two, Grandpa and Grandma in Mandarin.
7. Mrs. Zhang bought me a new plant this week. I love flowers.
8. I found a good restaurant in the neighborhood for Chinese take-out.
9. Timmy started sleeping through the night again, hallelujah! Those 6 weeks in the US were rough.

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