Tuesday, November 3, 2009


So yesterday Timmy and I went out in the afternoon to pick up some odds and ends from the local convenience store. My list consisted of: apple juice, baby wipes, and coke. I went first to the store closest to our apartment because it usually carries all three of these items. As in every store in China, you can never be sure that a place that stocked something one day will continue to have it for sale the next. So they were out of AJ, but I bought a six-pack of coke and baby wipes and placed both items in the basket under Timmy's stroller. I did not pay for a bag (bags are not free like in the US) and they did not give me a receipt. I walked about .25 miles down the road to the other store that usually sells apple juice, bought three containers of it, and left.

When I got about two blocks away I felt like someone was following me, which would not be all that unusual considering Timmy's rock star status in this city. So I turned around to confront the possible stalker and see two girls from the store I was just at, arm in arm, looking at me, nervous and giggling. They said a whole bunch of stuff in Mandarin, but the only word I understood was cola and they pointed to my stroller. I laughed at them and vaguely pointed at the store down the road and then just walked away. I half expected them to continue to follow me, but they just giggled more and walked away. Without a receipt, or the ability to give a real explanation, I very well could have stolen it, but why? Its not like I could sneak it into my pocket! Oh well, just another day of ridiculousness.


Nicole said...

I definitely thought this post was going to be about Timmy shoplifting something. I didn't know it would be you!

Scott, Katie and Timmy said...

That's funny because back in the spring Timmy totally shoplifted some baby einstein books out of a bookstore here by sticking them in the basket of the stroller. Luckily they were the sample books that were all beat up and used. The sales ladies laughed when I came back with them the next day!