Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Time to Uproot...Almost

So if you read my last post (which I know some of you did because I got all kinds of texts and emails asking what was going on, thanks for that :) you know we're about to transition to something new. I'm excited. We finally got through the annoying time of indecision. We're building a house and moving in the spring!

Scott and I have a running list of things we want in our Someday House that we consulted at during this process. This list is pretty unexciting, not luxurious and includes things like: lights in the closets, no cracks in the wall, a red tree in the front yard and a garbage disposal. It also included some ridiculous things such as purple spray-in insulation like Mike Holmes from Holmes on Homes always uses when he fixes houses because its awesome. Pretty sure our house will not have purple spray-in insulation. We asked. They said no. Overall, about 80% of our list got checked off in this new house, which if I'm honest is more than I was expecting. I also have a Pinterest board of things I might want in my Someday House that you can check out here: Someday House.

This whole process still seems a bit surreal and I feel as if any minute I will get an email or phone call that puts a stop to it all. Its been a fun process so far, in which we've learned a lot. Twice people we've dealt with have said, "No one has ever asked that before."

What we've learned so far: No purple insulation. We ask weird questions. And yes I can have a tree that turns red in the fall in my front yard. Awesome.


Deron Vaupel said...

They seriously won't do spray foam? That's weird.....I thought every builder had a spray foam contact.

If you ever need anybody to tell you things from your list aren't crazy, you let us know. We went in with a list of crazy things (build your own cabinets, move a wall, etc) and while they may not completely parallel new construction, we know what it's like to have people be like 'wait....what?!?' We'll happily tell you that you're totally normal and sane, even if our response comes from a slightly off-kilter perspective.

Katie Nelson said...

Thanks Deron! Its funny, we just can't believe with the number of homes that Ryland (the building company) has built that no one asked the questions we did. Oh well.

How's fatherhood?