Sunday, January 8, 2012

teeth and other happenings.

Linkers finally cut his first tooth. After what seems like weeks or months of working on it its here. And he's a mess. He's crawling like a maniac, standing up next to furniture and generally getting into trouble every chance he gets.

Timmy is another sort of mess. He spent New Year's Eve at Scott's parents house and bounced off a dog and landed his head on the corner of a fire place. The gash on the middle of his transparent skin covered forehead was atrocious. A week later, its almost healed.

Scott started his second semester of MBA-ness at DePaul. Accounting and Economics. He says its boring, but two nights a week will give me ample opportunity to work on these 2012 goals. Especially the one about losing 15 lbs. I think I can eat less if I'm not cooking and I can definitely find some time to spend with Tony Horton and P90X if Scotty's not around to distract.

As far as progress on my the other goals:
-3 stretcher frames are built and staple guns located for canvases to be stretched. Now I just need some staples. (Its harder than you think to find time to go to a hardware store with two kids)
-at least 2 potential buyers lined up for said paintings
-Worked out 4 days this week (basically back at pre-Christmas weight)
- Read Daniel 1 & 2 a couple of times
- Prayed for friends three times this week, one prayer specifically already answered! :)
- Timmy has not learned to swim - I think this goal will wait until the summer
-Brought my lunch to work three times

A decent first week I'd say!

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