Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Getting Busy

So things are getting better around here. We think we have found a new place to live and we think we talked them into getting rid of their nasty couch so we can buy our own. For those of you that join us in loving the white leather couch we currently have, sorry, but we can't keep it. I for one am really upset about this. Although I didn't think I was a white leather couch kind of girl, I absolutely love it. But, it has to stay with our current apartment. So this means we get to go couch shopping.

We don't get to move into our new place until after the Spring Festival, AKA Chinese New Year. Its funny because it is January and they call it Spring Festival. Oh well, I guess it was 55 degrees yesterday (today it is 30, reminds me of Chicago weather)! Chinese New Year is a week long holiday, so Scott has the whole week off. However, he has to work next Sunday. Weird. So we expect this Sunday night to have really long night of loud fireworks til who knows when. So far Timmy has slept through all the overzealous New Years celebrators (is that a word) that have been shooting off fireworks since we got here.

And finally, I think I have made some friends! I went to a playgroup on Tuesday, hosted a playgroup on Thursday and then went to a group called IMSG (sounds like I Monosodium Glutamate, anyway), it stands for International Mothers Support Group. It was great. Hooray for the Internet to connect people. Most of the other moms are really friendly, but also have husbands working for companies that pay for A LOT. So they mostly all live in Expat Compounds (Expat = Expatriate = Not from this country), and have full time drivers and nannys and housekeepers. Being the first and only Expat from Scott's company, we are not quite as privileged and do not live super close to any of the people I have met, save one. One mom lives down the street from me and has a boy that is 3 months younger than Tim. Hopefully she and I will continue to hang out.

Here are a few pictures that have nothing to do with this post, but you all love Timmy like we do, so enjoy!

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Cindy said...

Nice fashion statement, I wore that last night...
How is that on your hair I have been looking for a new shampoo