Saturday, January 31, 2009

New Words & Skills

As of today Timmy has started actually addressing me as MaMa. This is fantastic. Thanks to Chinese New Year, he has also learned to say Boom. So everytime he hears firecrackers (which this week has been every two minutes), he says Boom! Other new words in his vocabulary are dog, blocks, meow, and yeah. So for those of you that keep asking us if he is talking yet, I think the answer is yes.

Also, he won't let me feed him at all anymore. This makes for some fun meal time messes (see pictures from previous blog post Getting Busy). Next on our list of things to teach this kid: How To Use Chopsticks. I guess I need to get better at it first.


afdave said...

Katie, Glad to hear that China is so interesting. It was awsome seeing you and Tim on Skype.
Tim is growing up fast, isn't he?
Love, Dad

D.M. Wright said...

Timmy! Eating with chopsticks..that sounds like a great picture!

Brian said...

Elise is saying yeah too. Its adorable. Good thing Timmy finally decided to give you a name ;)