Monday, January 19, 2009

We don't call it Magic Street for nothing!

So on Sunday night we decided to venture back out to 333 Magic Street to have dinner with Scott co-worker from the US that is still here in town. We took a taxi and while getting out somehow managed to misplace Timmy's winter hat. I realized it as the cab was pulling away so I leaped back to knock on his door to check the car. Its not in the car or the trunk of the cab. Hmmmm. Oh well, one hat lost.
So we go to dinner at a fabulous Italian place. I had a delicious beef tenderloin. Mmmmmm. Timmy had a hot dog and lots of fun climbing the 5 stairs that were next to our table while our waiter happily acted as his spotter while we ate.
On the way out I decide to double check the street where we had gotten out of the cab for Timmy's hat. And what do you know, it was still there, laying in the Shanghai street muck for over an hour. It was dirty, but washable. Magic Street!

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Leesa Lance said...

sounds like maybe you should look for an apartment within walking distance of Magic Street! :)