Friday, January 9, 2009


We have arrived. Timmy is such a trooper. Its a little bit unreal that we got about 8 hours of sleep last night (7:30pm - 6:00am with a two hour break from 1-3am so that we could watch Baby Einstein and eat mini muffins with Timmy). And it is a bit unreal that Timmy is taking on his normal schedule like a champ. We will see what night number two brings. Currently (at 7pm) he is down for the night right on time. Scott is out for a traditional chinese dinner with some officials that are friends with his company. Last time this happened, he said he was willing to try any kind of food, and so he ate shark fin soup and a lot of wine. 

Before we got here everyone kept telling us that it is sooooooooo cold in Shanghai in January. Outside it is just like Chicago, maybe even warmer. But, alas, they were correct that it is so cold, because no one turns on the heat! We are the exception. We have every built-in heater cranked and we bought a few extra heaters today, so our apartment is toasty. Its strange, at dinner last night most people kept their coats on throughout the whole meal and at the grocery store today, no heat. Oh well. This is China. 

For those of you that read this only for the pictures, nothing picture-worthy has happened yet so stay tuned. 

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