Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ayi To The Rescue!

So we've been looking for an Ayi to babysit Timmy a few times a week so that I don't go insane. An Ayi is the term used to describe a woman who works in your home as a nanny or housekeeper or cook or all three. Literally it means "Aunt." So with the help of one of Scott's coworkers, we have found a woman that we think will be a good fit for us, provided that she can put up with Timmy's shenanigans. She's going to spend the day with me and Tim on Friday, so we will keep you all posted. The only babysitters Timmy has ever had have all been friends and family, so this is a whole new world for him and for me.
In other news, we will supposedly be getting the keys to our new apartment tomorrow (Thursday). We have until the end of February to be out of our current place. It will be really nice to feel like we can finally settle in to a home. Our shipment of stuff from the US is scheduled to arrive at the port in Shanghai on February 20th. Then it has to sit there while the customs people decide how much to charge us in duties for all the stuff we shipped here.

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