Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Moving Madness

So we found out today that we are moving tomorrow, at some point in the afternoon, but we don't know when. Also we found out today that our 30 days to acquire Z visas has expired. So we are now tourists until some point in the future when we will become residents. Oh China. Anyway, so tomorrow in the morning Timmy and I have to trek across the city to go get the aforementioned tourist visas and then come home and move to our new apartment. Right now I am taking a break from packing. We have 7 suitcases and 7 cardboard boxes with which to pack our entire house. It won't happen, but oh well.

So Ayi Mrs. Zhang is a Godsend. So far Timmy's newly acquired tantrum throwing powers have not scared her away yet. I spied on her and Timmy from our balcony today while they were playing outside. (It was 70 degrees today!) He seems to really like her, but only if he thinks I am not around. As soon as he sees me he flips out and begins whining, "Ma Ma, Ma Ma..." He gives her hugs and kisses when she leaves though and today he danced for her when she arrived.

Here is a cute picture from the day...

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