Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Life Going On

Life is starting to feel more and more "normal" in a sort of bizarro way. People are starting to get to know us. Most notably is the guard that seems to be assigned to our building. He is the only guard that is always smiling and always says, "Hullo!" to me and Timmy. He even opens the door and carries stuff for me when I have Tim in tow.

Speaking of guards, so far I have failed to catch a picture or video of the guards at our complex in training, but when I do, you will all see it. Its like they send these guys through boot camp, BDUs and all. They run in formation while yelling stuff throughout the complex. Its sort of eerie because you think that its China's communist army training in your neighborhood until you realize these are really just doormen in training. I guess they take their job seriously.

Speaking of taking a job seriously, I got my hair washed yesterday. It was a two hour experience. Two hours to wash my hair! What? Well, this included an almost 60 minute back rub, a 30 minute shampoo process & 30 minutes of the salon's owner drying and straightening my hair. My hair has never been so straight and fabulous.

I want to give a little shout-out to Mrs. Zhang. I despise washing dishes by hand. Especially in a sink that was designed for someone much shorter than the average American. Mrs. Zhang, Timmy's Ayi (Nanny), does my dishes now whenever she is here. Now this wouldn't be all that weird, except that I never asked her to do it. She's so great.


afdave said...

Can we borrow Mrs Zhang? Perhaps Scott could bring her when he comes home? Just asking?

barbara said...

Did moving to China curl your hair?