Friday, February 27, 2009

Honqiao Bird & Flower Market

I took a trip to the Bird & Flower Market this week. It was amazing to see all the bonsai trees and other relatively exotic plants and flowers for sale. There were tons of orchids that were so beautifully perfect, I thought they might be fake (they weren't). There were some pretty unique other non-plant items for sale as well like stone dragons and soldiers and hand carved wood trinkets. A few landscape companies had shop set up in the market with outdoor examples of their designs. Definately beautiful.

As far as the bird part of the Bird & Flower market wasn't all that impressive. I only saw a few birds, but there were thousands of fish - different types of goldfish mostly. There were also baby bunnies and mice for sale. It was like a pet store market place for small animals (no dogs or cats).

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afdave said...

It may sound sort of smaltzy, but I really like your blog. You write very well, and it genuinely appears that you are living an adventure, with all its ups and downs. Keep it going and have fun.