Thursday, March 5, 2009

Out For A Walk

Yesterday was one of the three days a week that Mrs. Zhang comes over to look after Timmy. I decided to find a deli that would make me a sandwich and let me sit around for a while and study my Chinese lesson from the night before. I found the deli, the sandwich was decent, but studying didn't last long because the door to the outside kept opening so I was freezing and couldn't concentrate (I don't think the heat was on in the deli).

On my way home I was walking down a street near our apartment on the way to the bank, iPod blaring in my ears when all the sudden I hear, loud & clear, "MA MAAAAAA!!!" It was Timmy about 2o feet away who had spotted me before I spotted him. He & Mrs. Zhang were out for a walk and he was really excited to run into me. I used charades to tell Mrs. Z that I was going to the bank and she used charades to tell me she would continue on her walk. Timmy had other plans. As soon as I started to walk away he let out the loudest screams I have ever heard him make. So they came to the bank with me and then accompanied me on the rest of my errands.

There is a pet store on the street we were on, so here are some pics of Mrs. Z showing Timmy the birds.

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