Monday, March 23, 2009

China's Answer to Costco

Today I ventured out to a store called Metro. I had heard that this was a warehouse style store much like the Costcos and Sam's Clubs of the United States. I was excited to see what goodies and good deals I could find in such a place. I wouldn't say I was dissapointed, but the experience wasn't overwhelmingly great either.

What was super interesting though was the meat section. I haven't found a single store in Shanghai that sold meat that didn't smell at least a little funky. Metro was the exception, even with large quantities of raw meat hanging from the ceiling (see picture), it smelled super fresh and not funky at all. That was impressive.

The rest of the store was pretty much just like a warehouse store except the bulk items were Chinese things instead of American. There was a large electric bike section, lots of frozen dumplings, HUGE bags of rice, and even a decent imported foods section. I did manage to buy some diapers and bananas and other miscellaneous items.

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D.M. Wright said...

Oh, I hate that weird meat smell. It's like bad shrimp and rotten meat all at once or something. Yuck!