Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring = Flowers & Frogs

Its starting to feel almost like springtime around here. Its not consistantly warm yet, but its getting there. All the flowering trees are blooming, and they are beautiful. All the frogs have mated, and they are plentiful. No seriously, in one day about a month ago I saw more than a dozen pairs of frogs mating. And the result of this are gazillions of tiny black tadpoles in the pond (click the pictures to enlarge and view them in all their glory). Timmy loves to sit and watch the little guys swim around. Its actually quite amazing that the three or four dozen large goldfish that live in the same pond have not eaten all the little guys yet. I am waiting to see if we will have gazillions of frogs this summer or if there are tadpole predators lurking out there somewhere to save us from this plague.

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afdave said...

That's a lot of tadpoles!