Sunday, March 8, 2009

Yu's Kids Island

So I found yet another strange, yet fun, place to take Timmy while the weather stinks. Yu's Kids Island is an indoor play area that has all kinds of crazy things for kids under eight to jump around on and run through. He loved it.

Every inch of this place seems to be padded to prevent injury. Every inch that is, except the slide. Somehow, Timmy's big head managed to find the only area in the whole place that is not padded. He flipped himself backwards off the stairs to the slide. Don't worry, in true Timmy fashion, he's fine. After 30 seconds of hugs from MaMa and cow, he was running back to the slide. I have a hilarious video of him boxing with padded things that will be on facebook soon.

The sun finally came out yesterday after 3 straight weeks of rain. We saw blue sky! Well, bluish-gray sky, but sky nonetheless.


Kate said...

Katie, this place looks awesome! It sounds like you and Scott are having a great time in China. It's fun to read through and see all the cool stuff you are experiencing over there. Makes me miss living overseas! Take care and hope all is well.

D.M. Wright said...

That is cool that it is padded! This new stuff at the malls here is just plain hard cement! I don't like the boys playing in there and was just telling Will the other day - wth - why is nothing padded? You make the kids take off their shoes so they are running around on this slippery, hard stuff. Accidents just waiting to happen! They know how to do it in China, man!!