Friday, July 17, 2009

DQ Something Different.

Yesterday I took myself to the doctor because I've had a sore throat for 12 days. Its not strep so she said its either a virus or mono. I opted not to get blood tests done to find out if its mono because either way there is no actual treatment so why waste the time and money. Anyway, I'll be fine and I'm not contagious (unless you kiss me!).

After the doctor I needed to go buy a new toilet seat since ours broke. There is an new B & Q (Chinese Home Depot) in a mall near our apartment so I went there. It took ten minutes of wandering to find the entrance to the store because the place is huge. During my wanderings I happened upon a brand new Dairy Queen in the mall. It was open and I decided that ice cream would feel great on my sore throat.

I ordered a small Oreo blizzard and paid for it. I watched them start to make it and that is when it got weird. The employee opened a package of Oreos and started breaking them in half with his hands (wearing gloves, thank goodness). He puts the huge chunks of Oreo in the cup with ice cream and then goes to the blender. The blender wasn't plugged it, so he reached for the cord and it has no plug - just wires with nothing on the end. Hmmmmm. He says something to the manager and she looks for herself. After fumbling with it for a minute and apparently looking for a hole to jam the wires into, decides its a lost cause. She then hands a spoon the to the other guy to mix my blizzard by hand. You can imagine how efficient this is with giant pieces of cookie in the mix. After about 30 seconds he hands me my treat, not really mixed at all. I must have been their first customer ever. Anyway the ice cream was good, but I wouldn't call it a blizzard.

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