Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Potty Training?!?!?!

So I had no intention of trying to potty train Timmy until well into next year, but he apparently has other plans. Earlier this week he started talking about the potty, so Scott took him into the bathroom a few times and let him stand on the toilet seat and try to pee. Nothing happened. I figured now is as good a time as any to buy a little potty for him to get used to. I didn't think he would decide to use it within a few minutes of seeing it. He did. Twice in two hours. What the heck. Now what? I guess its time whether I like it or not. Pray for us! :)


Kate said...

Good luck. There are lots of resources available. The authors of Babywise actually wrote one called 1-2-3 Potty Training. Looks pretty good. We'll start with Jed this fall once we get resettled in a new house, etc. Let me know how it goes with Timmy and if you have any suggestions to pass along.

Nicole said...

wow, this kiddo! praying for you. I know it will be a challenging but rewarding experience, like all parenting!