Friday, July 24, 2009

Would You Like Some Watermelon With Your Manicure?

I'm not the paint your nails type of girl, but since manicures are so cheap here in China (less than $8 USD), I get one every once in a while. This also fits into the duties of my role as a lady of leisure, as Scott likes to call me. :) Today I tried a new place in Spring City, a commercial area down the street from our apartment. I spent 45 minutes watching a Chinese soap opera that actually seemed like it would be funny if I had the slightest clue what they were talking about. Then, about 5 minutes into the nail drying process, one of the girls places an eighth of a watermelon in front of me. This was a very large piece of watermelon. I have no idea if I paid for this, or if they just had extra so they wanted to share it with me. I was one of two customers in the shop at the time, the other being a middle-aged guy getting his feet filed down. He did not partake in the watermelon, but graciously told me in English where to wash my hands after I ate it. Just another day in Shanghai.

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