Friday, July 31, 2009

Shower-Time Shenanigans

Each day, whilst (don't you love my new-found British language influence?) I'm in the shower, Timmy finds himself free to do as he pleases for about 10-20 minutes. Some days he plays contentedly in his room, or watches the movie of the day (Cars or Nemo depending on his mood). Other days he is a scheming monkey that gets into everything. One day he brought all his toys into the bathroom, some even made it into the shower and sink. Another day he brought a stool in and lined up all the contents of a drawer on the counter. Yet another day he put stickers all over the toilet, I missed a good photo op there. And finally one day he used the same stool to unload a different drawer that happen to house our stockpile of US medicine and cough drops. Luckily all the bottles were sealed and childproofed. Needless to say, that drawer now has its own childproof strap to lock it shut. Timmy calls the strap a boo-boo, I guess he thinks its like a band-aid for the drawer. :)

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Kate said...

My best friend became the baby gate on the door to Jed's room and a portable DVD player while I enjoyed 15 minutes to myself.