Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Homesick :(

I think the long summer is starting to get to all of us. Scott and I have been feeling homesick - mostly induced by watching the movie Cars too much. It is so utterly American that it makes us long for a summer road trip, or camping, or anything outdoors and not Chinese! I've been dying for some Lou Malnati's. Chinese Papa John's pizza just doesn't do it for me.

The worst I think was when Timmy went into a closet, grabbed a suitcase and starting saying, "Home, home, home." It was so cute and super sad all at once. Instead of going home, we settled for a Skype call with Grandma B that morning. He seemed to be satisfied with that. For now we will continue on the long road of potty training, and look longingly forward to the end of September and the visitors it will bring! Shout out to Jim, Cindy and Lauren, we can't wait for you guys to come!

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