Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Choo, Choo and stuff.

So Mrs. Zhang, our nanny has quit. Well actually she just moved back to her home town, because her father has lung cancer. I'm more than a little upset. She was the one thing that I genuinely loved about life here. She was trustworthy and Timmy loves her. Now we start the search for a new helper.

In other events, it has rained almost every day for at least three weeks. If its not raining, its threatening to rain so you can't really enjoy being outside because you always think its about to rain, or it just rained and everything is wet and muddy. Despite all the rain, we didn't get hit with any extra from the typhoon-turned-tropical storm that annihilated Taiwan and the south eastern Chinese coast. It was supposed to come, but we just really got a lot of humidity, like we didn't have enough already.

Timmy is obsessed with trains these days. I am attempting to avoid letting him know about Thomas the train. For now, he just has a wooden train from IKEA and some stickers, hopefully he won't learn the difference and just be happy with any kind of train. He talks about choo, choos endlessly. We tuck the trains into bed with him every night and he gives them kisses.

Choo, Choo!

Our little monkey.

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