Monday, August 24, 2009

Poor Kid

So Timmy has been a crazy man lately and jumping off of anything he can climb on. Well today he jumped off of that ledge by his window (about 2' high) and fractured his Tibia in 2 places (he broke his leg). The kid's a trooper - he took a nap with his broken leg before Katie took him to the hospital, but woke up still crying and wouldn't walk on it. Katie did a good job of getting him to the hospital in a taxi with his broken leg before I could get there for them to put the cast on and take pictures of the xrays on the wall and the doctor putting the cast on. We'll see how it goes with living out here. If anyone has any ideas of how to attach wheels to his leg let me know...I need to figure out how to make this restless kid mobile again soon before he gets too stir-crazy!

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