Thursday, August 27, 2009

Coke Cans and Bananas

The day Timmy broke his leg I had another classic China moment.

That morning before any leg breaking, I decided it was time to finally get our kitchen sink fixed. It has had a super slow leak (of super smelly ooze) for at least a few months that I have been ignoring because its just easier that way. I called Scott's HR comrade to make a call to our landlord who will in turn call our building management who will send a plumber to fix it.

The plumber, or at least that is what I thought he was supposed to be, showed up (at this point it is after Timmy jumped off the window seat), took the pipes apart, cleaned them out, used plumber's tape around the cracks and then asked the new Nanny (whose first day on the job it was) for something to prop up the pipe. She looked around the kitchen and picked up a spice jar, I think it was paprika, and I said no way! Her second choice was an empty coke can. At this point I was assuming this was a temporary fix and I was more concerned about the crying baby in my arms than the kitchen sink. Anyway, I guess the coke can worked and he left, but not before asking me for 5RMB (this is equal to about 70 or 80 cents) - weird.

Later that night, when we got back from the hospital I thought about what had taken place earlier and realized there was probably still an empty coke can holding up my kitchen drain pipes. Yep, a load-bearing can.


Stephen said...

So whats the bananas part? Or are you just referring to the craziness of that whole day?

Thats would be a good picture to submit to or :)

Scott, Katie and Timmy said...

I knew someone would ask, but when I tried to write the story it didn't come out as funny with the banana part, but I liked the title of the post so it stuck.

The same day as the coke can and broken leg I got an email from a Chinese person I know that said, "After talking to some relative big bananas..." (I will leave the rest out as to not implicate anyone in particular.) Scott and I just thought using the phrase relative big bananas was downright hilarious!