Saturday, September 20, 2008

Brazilian Barbeque...the Chinese version

So many of you have been to Brazilian steak houses in the US. They are full of delicious cuts of rump roast, filet, leg of lamb and roasted chicken all served on swords. Yesterday for lunch we went to a similar place. Meat on swords, sounds good right. So soon after sitting down and ordering drinks, the meat men come around and offer chicken hearts, eel, mystery fish, and pizza on swords. Okay, so the pizza was on a platter, but it was still strange. Eventually we got some chicken wings and beef, but it was a pretty weird experience.

Its raining here again. It seems to rain or at least look like its going to rain every afternoon. Oh well. We've developed a way to shield Timmy while he's in his stroller. The other picture is to show that we are in a tropical-like place, palm trees and all.

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