Monday, September 22, 2008

The Sterilizer Strikes Again and Other Adventures

Timmy has discovered the oven/sterilizer. He loves to open and close the door. Since everything in China is made for people that are shorter than the average American, the handle is just his height. He decided that Cow was dirty and needed to get sterilized. Shortly thereafter he smashed his finger in the door of the dang thing. I hate sterilizers!

The owner of Scott's company is in town this week. After dinner last night he wanted to get a hair cut. Scott took Timmy home and I went with. They said if you don't need a cut, why not at least have them wash & dry your hair. So I said sure. After about 15 minutes of washing/scalp massaging, they rinsed my hair. Then I got a 30 minute back rub from the hair wash guy. Then three new guys came and blow dried my hair. I wish I had a picture. There were three guys, maybe in their early twenties working together to dry and style my hair. They did a great job. And it only cost about $4. Crazy.

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