Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mayonnaise Madness

We learned last night that it is pretty easy to take the subway, even without speaking Chinese. So that opens up a whole new world of freedoms for us. Part of the frustration of being here has been trying to get around independently. Everyone Scott works with is excited and willing to take us anywhere that we want to go, but we are really independent people. The taxi drivers only speak Mandarin, so unless we have something written down in Chinese, taking a taxi is difficult. With our new subway skills we can now get to church on our own, and get to different parts of the city without help.

Last night Chun Le, one of Scott's co-workers, took us out to TGI Fridays. We were greeted with "Hellos" instead of "Ni Haos". Most of the staff at the restaurant spoke pretty decent English, at least compared to everywhere else we've been so far. It was kind of refreshing.

So I order the Jack Daniels Steak and cheesy mashed potatoes. Mmmmmm. It was so good to eat meat without bones in it! As the meal was finishing up I asked a waiter to bring a half portion of Oreo Madness (the best dessert that Friday's ever made). About a minute later he comes back with a small dish full of mayonnaise! Apparently I had found the one person on staff that didn't speak great English & he thought I asked for a small mayonnaise not a small Oreo Madness. Oh well. When we did get the Oreo Madness, it was awesome.

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