Friday, September 5, 2008

Unexpected Goodies

So we've been awake since 4 something because Timmy hasn't quite adjusted to the time change yet. Around 6:15 or so, we decide to walk to the closest McDonalds for breakfast. After walking what seemed like forever, we get there only to find out that it doesn't open for another hour! So with the 90% chance of rain looming, we decide to walk back. On the way, I'm really thirsty so we stop at a store for something cold to drink. Inside we find the biggest assortment of packaged baked goods ever. We decide to try 4 or 5 of them in place of McDonalds, a package of M&Ms and a drink that looks kind of like Gatorade Propel water. Our bill is less than the equivalent of $4.00. Crazy.

Last night we ate at a Hot Pot restaurant which translates to Fondue. They definately don't have the same rules about raw food as we do in the US. But regardless of that it was delicious. Check out the picture of the raw beef rolls and mushrooms.

Also, here is the view from each side of our apartment and my favorite of the baked goodies...


Cindy said...

So how do you like the food? Those goodies look like Moon Pies

Rez said...


Moon pies