Sunday, September 14, 2008

Moon Day, Chinese Death Cake & A New Home

What a crazy weekend this has been. Today (Sunday) is a holiday with many names: The Mid-Autumn Festival, Moon Festival and as we like to call it: Moon Day. We think all it means is everyone decides to buy little cakes and ride the subway all at once. See pictures of Moon Cakes.

This one is for you Mom: We were wandering through a new grocery store this morning and in the bakery I spot what I think is the Chinese version of Death Cake. Now, I didn't try it, but just look at it, it looks like Death Cake!

And finally, we officially have a home in China. We found an apartment that is super sweet. Its in a beautiful neighborhood, right next to where we've been staying. Its quite a bit bigger than our home in Lombard, but without the benefits of a yard. It has two balconies, but we like to pretend were some place exotic, so we call them lanais (like in Hawaii). We've spent the weekend attempting to get the basics to make it a home. We slept there last night for the first time. China is starting to feel less foreign to both of us, but we miss you all!


afdave said...

I like " death cake"

afdave said...

Your new place looks great