Saturday, April 25, 2009

Day Tripping

We spent today in Hangzhou, China today with Scott's co-worker, CF and his wife Sara. Her name is not actually Sara, and she doesn't answer to Sara, so we are not sure why CF introduced her as Sara. We probably can't pronounce her Chinese name. Anyway, it was the most beautiful day outside and the city itself was absolutely beautiful. The day started out a bit iffy though.

About 30 minutes into our 2.5 hour drive from Shanghai to Hangzhou, Timmy puked. This has never happened before. This was not like a baby spitting up, this was a fountain of milk, stomach acid, and a few pieces of banana. It just kept coming. We were in CF's car, and thank goodness for the weird fact that every car in China has removable seat covers with Snoopy on them, otherwise his Kia would permanently smell like vomit. Also, thank goodness I brought an extra shirt for myself, or I would have been either smelly or topless all day! Don't worry, Timmy's fine, we think it was a bad banana. Ten minutes after the incident, he was hungry and smiling.

First, we took a boat to the middle of West Lake, which is the big attraction of Hangzhou. Timmy spent the whole ride saying "boat, boat, boat." It was his first time on a boat and he just learned how to say "boat" a couple weeks ago. He ran all over the island and loved stopping to look at the water.

After lunch we hiked around the Lingyin Temple area. It was so beautiful. What a difference from Shanghai. The flowers and greenery went on and on and there were hills with gorgeous buildings tucked between them everywhere. Azaleas were in bloom everywhere. Despite the fact that the whole area was created to honor Buddha, it was amazing. It was almost too bad that there were Buddhist icons and alters everywhere, they took away from the natural beauty.

We took a lot of pictures, too many to post here, so check them out at this link: (you DO NOT have to have a facebook account to view them)

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