Thursday, April 2, 2009

Eels, Mops & Basketball

So yesterday I am sitting on the Metro (train) on my way home and three adults and a baby squish their way into the 2 seats open next to me. With them they have 2 suitcases and multiple other containers of stuff. I can only assume they are on their way somewhere for this weekend's Qing Ming holiday (pronounced something like "ching ming" and it means Tomb Sweeping Day). Other than being crammed up next to them I didn't think too much of it until I looked more closely at one of the plastic bags they had perched on top of their suitcase. It was moving. Not just moving, but slithering. Yuck. Inside were eels and they were alive! Eels on the train, what next. Oh China.

Earlier that day I was standing on a corner where I was to meet someone for lunch and I noticed a janitor-like person mopping. The funny thing is, he was mopping the sidewalk. Oh China.

And lastly, Timmy has a new obsession with basketball. He will sit in the window of our bedroom and watch the kids play forever. If he's lucky we will take him outside to watch and he stands by the fence and squeals at the guys playing. They all think its funny. He's trying really hard to say the word basketball, but it comes out as, "Ba Ball."

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