Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Heading Home

Today is Tuesday and we found out this morning that we are headed back to the USA this Friday! We'll be in town for about 4 weeks. I'm trying not to think too much about a 14 hour plane ride with a toddler who doesn't stop moving. He's definately a different kid than the last time we were on that long flight with him. Does anyone know if Play-Doh counts as a liquid/gel as far as airport security is concerned? Play-Doh is one of Timmy's favorite things to play with and I figure it will keep him busy on the plane for a while. Pray for us, the flight leaves Friday afternoon China time.

This picture is from the other day when Tim decided that he needed to wear one of my rain boots around the house. It was pretty funny. Oh yeah, and he got another bad Chinese hair cut last week. I took Mrs. Zhang with me to tell them not to cut it too short. Somehow when I typed and translated to her what I wanted her to tell the barber, it was lost in translation. Oh well, at least he is a boy and it grows fast!
See you American friends this weekend :) !

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Stephen said...

4 Weeks! That's great. I'm sure its a bit of a logistical nightmare for you but great to be able to be home for a whole month.