Thursday, April 30, 2009

One Last Thing

So in my last minute shopping extravaganza yesterday, I was walking down a street I have never walked before. All of the sudden, a Dunkin Donuts appeared! I had heard that they had opened a few stores here in town during the last few months, but I had not seen one yet. Anyway, I had to stop. Donuts in China are less than good, and if you are really lucky you will find a surprise hotdog inside a sugar coated donut. This happened to Scott last week. Hilarious. They also have donuts that look like they are topped with cinnamon or something, but then you bite it and its covered in pork flakes. They have a thing about meat flavoring here that I just don't understand.

Timmy's never had a good donut before this morning. He was pretty excited about it, I let him pick which one he wanted from the box. He picked a chocolate one, but then in the following minutes pulled the rest out and licked them. Don't tell Scott, he was still sleeping when this happened, and the ones that were licked were his! :) See you all soon!

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