Saturday, April 18, 2009

Shanghai Botanic Gardens

Scott, Timmy & I spent Saturday morning at the Shanghai Botanic Gardens. It was a perfect day outside, although you wouldn't know it by looking at the amount of clothing the locals were wearing. I swear, most of them were dressed for 40 degree Fahrenheit weather when it was in the mid 70's and sunny! The poor kids, their parents make them wear multiple pairs of pants and countless shirts and sweaters, even when its nice out. I just don't get it. AND the grandma's on the playground always comment (in Chinese so I don't know exactly what they are saying...) that Timmy is only wearing a pair of jeans. They are appalled that he doesn't have ten more layers on.

Anyway, back to the gardens. So the weather was perfect. The gardens were huge, I have a blister on my feet from walking so much. There was a bamboo garden, some cool Japanese maple trees, and endless annual flowers. The azaleas were in full bloom, but we missed the tulip displays by two weeks. Bummer, because I had heard they were awesome.

The best part of the day for me was this little boy who, when he saw me, Scott, and Timmy started jumping up and down, screaming and pointing at us. He was so excited to see foreigners, it was like we were famous or something. So I decided to jump up and down and point and smile back at him. It was hilarious, it only made him scream louder. Fantastic.


chen said...


Scott, Katie and Timmy said...

Ni shi shei?

Gina said...

Hi - I've been reading about your China adventures for a while now. I lived in China for a little while - your comment about people dressing too warm brought back memories! We found that people dressed for the date, not the weather. So they wore their winter clothes until a certain date passed, then the cooler clothes came out. They constantly asked us if we were too cold when we put T-shirts on in 70+ degree weather. :o)

Scott, Katie and Timmy said...

Gina - thanks for reading! I hope it brings back good memories too :)